November 14 2022

Phone Support

If you're brand new to our service and could use a hand getting started, you can now schedule a call here.

We'll reach out at the time of your choosing and go over whatever you like, from getting help learning the system for the first time, to questions about custom coding/development.

November 13 2022


  • Galleries Added the ability to disable image lightboxes when thumbnails are clicked.
  • UI Added tab key shortcut to show/hide admin UI and preview website at full screen.
  • Preview Images Pages' preview/bookmark images now default to the home page's image, if present.
  • Security Two-factor authentication supported.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that prevented Firefox from respecting spaces entered into text fields.
  • Bugfix Improved drag-and-drop functionality in Firefox.
November 12 2022

Interview with Website Planet


The folks at Website Planet were nice enough to interview our founder, Bryan Buchanan, who briefly touches on what's coming next for 22Slides.

You can read the interview on Website Planet's website

October 20 2022


  • Design Added option to Mesa theme to allow header to scroll with the page.
  • Receipts Added ability to define personal/business info that appears on receipts.
  • GDPR Made progress toward full GDPR compliancy by moving a portion of our custom fonts offerings away from Google Fonts and to a self-hosted solution.
  • Ads.txt Ads.txt now supported.
  • Redundancy Added version tracking to all image assets.
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that could cause a website's footer to be displayed to high up a page in certain conditions on mobile devices (Thanks, Olaf!).
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused mobile headers to not stay glued to the to of the browser window while scrolling (Thanks, Stephane!).
October 04 2022


  • Galleries Added ability to hide individual images from galleries.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that could prevent the "settings" page of the admin from loading (Thanks, Caleb!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that could prevent pages from loading options in the admin (Thanks, Mary!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that prevented subdomains from being used as custom domains (Thanks, Lia!).
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