September 13 2023

Design Overhaul


The most unique feature of 22Slides has always been its boldly-streamlined user experience. It's simple, straightforward, and free of unnecessary complications.

With the release of V2, we doubled down on our minimalistic approach, fundamentally changing almost everything, both to better match people's expectations of how a website editor should work, and to provide a solid platform to support new features for years to come.

Now, roughly a year after V2's debut, we've just introduced a significant user interface update. This release greatly refines many of those decisions that make V2 great, and reimagines some others that were holding things back.

Improved page management

Now, you can easily see all the pages on your site at once, and drag them around to exactly where you need them to be, moving them between the main navigation and subpages. Jumping between sections and control panels to move pages around is no longer required.

A new, yet more familiar-feeling design

We redesigned many elements of the admin area to both better utilize negative space and adhere to common design patterns. Our tabs, form inputs, and other elements now look more refined, more familiar, and allow for more space for actual content.


Smoother workflows

Aesthetics aside, we also made major improvements to overall usability. Now you can select elements, make changes, and move on to the next task without losing your place.

Previously, the single sidebar had to constantly change with the current task. This was disorienting at times, making it easy to get lost.

We introduced a second sidebar on the right side, which allows for more familiar workflows with navigation on the left, the canvas in the center, and details on the right, similar to Adobe Lightroom, Sketch, or most popular photography and design applications.


September 12 2023


  • Improvement Improved the admin UI for smaller (<15") monitors.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that prevented new section menu from showing up on smaller monitors (thanks, Liang!).
August 22 2023

New 'Strata' Theme


Our new 'Strata' theme is now available. Designed to be a more traditional-style option used for simple sites without a lot of photo content, such as events or invitations, it features a compact design that can help a website look "finished" even if its content may be lacking.

You can try it out by creating a new website and choosing "Strata" from the options, or by switching to it from the "Theme" tab in an existing website's settings.

August 17 2023


  • Feature Added the ability to customize sites' robots.txt file, to do things like block scrapers and/or ai training bots.
  • Improvement Improved the live website preview when moving pages around between collections.
  • Improvement Improved the selected page indicator in the "pages" sidebar.
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that prevented the correct options from showing up in the theme settings (Thanks, Damien!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that prevented "divider" sections from being editable (Thanks, Côme!).
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that prevented page details from being editable in some cases (Thanks, Jani!).
August 11 2023


  • Feature Added the ability to see list of all pages on your site at once.
  • Feature Added the ability to move pages between sections/collections by way of dragging and dropping.
  • Improvement Major user interface overhaul
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with V1 sites that prevented site image previews from updating (Thanks, AJ!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with V1 sites that prevented newly-uploaded images from appearing instantly (Thanks, Darren!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that caused image galleries' batch sorting options from working properly (Thanks, Victoria!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with images stretching in the V1 control panel in some versions of Safari (Thanks, Darren!).
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused an occasional temporary 502 error message.
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