April 10 2023

New 'Local Override' Options

Have you ever wanted just one section of your website to appear slightly different than the rest?

With the release of one of our most-requested features, you can now customize individual sections without affecting other similar sections on your website, making it much easier to do things like center just an intro paragraph, change the size of just one slideshow, etc.

While editing a section's layout, you'll see a new "Local Overrides" tab. From there, you'll be able to set design options for just that specific section.

April 16 2023


  • Bugfix Fixed issue with breadcrumbs wrapping on mobile (Thanks, Victoria!).
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused some images to load slowly (Thanks, Nate!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that would cause erroneous message to show up in place of hidden sections in some cases (Thanks, Kevin!).
  • Bugfix Fixed formatting issue with color picker (Thanks, Cameron!).
April 09 2023


  • Feature Added ability to make local design changes to sections that don't affect other sections on a website.
  • Mobile Added new mobile height controller to slideshows (Thanks, Nate!).
  • Improvement Added ability to disable automatic diptychs for specific images in the "Stack" layout.
March 23 2023


  • Feature Added the ability to hide sections on a page, without deleting them.
  • Feature Added the ability to move sections between pages.
  • Improvement Added labels to section toolbar, to make things easier to identify.
  • Improvement Improved image spacing in lightboxes on landscape-oriented mobile devices (Thanks, Hunter!).
  • Marketing Added testimonials to home page.
  • Improvement Replaced some older custom code for videos, removing some problematic third-party dependencies, and updated all affected websites.
  • Bugfix Placeholder text now no longer sometimes shows up in link previews (Thanks, Damien!).
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused some contact forms to stop working (Thanks, Philip!).
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that prevented full-justification form working on text sections in Safari (Thanks, Armin!).
March 19 2023

New Section Toolbar

The toolbar at the top-left of each section just got some big updates! You can now hide sections from public view, or move sections to different pages.

This is one of our most-requested features since launching V2, and should make reorganizing your site much easier, eliminating the need to delete and reupload content when moving things to different pages.

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