May 21 2024

Website performance with JordanVoth.com


At 22Slides, we pride ourselves on offering the best tools for photographers to showcase their work in the most stunning manner possible. Our platform ensures your work is displayed larger and at higher quality without compromising website speed, performance, or SEO.

Recently, we had the opportunity to prove just how powerful our platform can be when one of our longtime customers, Jordan Voth, returned to 22Slides after a brief stint with WordPress.

Application Load Times

Jordan's old site was already fast. If hosted on a fast server with proper caching systems installed, WordPress can perform relatively well.

Still, Jordan's site performs significantly better on 22Slides, enjoying around 45% faster page loading times on average.

Platform Page Ready (avg) Page Loaded (avg)
WordPress 510ms 873ms
22Slides 288ms (44% faster) 452ms (48% faster)

A couple milliseconds doesn't seem like much, but it adds up fast to make the difference between a website feeling snappy or sluggish.

Image Download Speed

This is where we saw the biggest improvement, due to our industry leading image processing and CDN asset hosting. WordPress sites typically store all your images on the same single server as your application, while our CDN saves copies of your files at over 200 locations around the world, ensuring super speedy delivery, no matter where your vistors may be.

Our default image settings are much higher-quality than most other websites, while only increasing the average filesize a moderate amount. Even with larger images, though, we saw almost 80% faster image download speeds.

Platform Image Size (avg) Download Time (avg)
WordPress 717kb 1,414ms
22Slides 1,000kb 292ms (79% faster)

When pages have dozens, or even hundreds of images on them, this already huge deficit per file adds up to create an entirely different experience for your viewers.

Lighthouse Audit


Jordan's WordPress site was well constructed and followed best practices in the areas of accessibility, markup, and SEO. Still, there's room for improvement.

We were able to improve most metrics almost instantly, due to the fact our system is unrelentlessly designed to follow best-practices and be optimized for maximum efficiency.


Switching to 22Slides not only enhances website performance but also offers a superior viewing experience for your audience, all while making things easier to manage.

June 05 2024


  • Improvement Upgraded V1 servers to a much faster and more reliable setup.
  • Improvement Added automatic HTTPS to every V1 website.
  • Improvement Redesigned V1 application architecture to be much more reliable, faster, and more reduntant.
  • Fix Fixed issue that prevented the Arial Black font from working on mobile devices. (Thanks, Carlyann!)
  • Fix Fixed issue that caused slideshows to start from the beginning after scrolling on mobile devices. (Thanks, Summer!)
  • Fix Fixed YouTube social icon crop (Thanks, Kay!)
  • Fix Fixed issue that prevented V1 Dropbox file managers from working with custom domains in some cases. (Thanks, Paul!)
May 20 2024


  • Improvement New home page and dashboard design.
  • Improvement Updated image moderation tools to account for AWS changes.
  • Fix Fixed issue with the "Summit" theme's header not being positioned correctly in some cases, when viewed in the admin area.
  • Fix Fixed issue that caused a section's edit button to go missing in some cases, if the first section on a page was a "takeover" image gallery.
May 06 2024

Full-Service Design


Introducing our new full-service design offering! We can now help with any and everything it takes to get your site online and looking great, be it branding, design, content migration, or anything in between.

This service is perfect for artists who'd like their website professionally-designed, or for those just looking to save a little time settings things up.

More info is available at https://22slides.com/services.

May 04 2024


  • Feature Introduced new custom design service.
  • Improvement Made all "spread" sections place their images above the text when viewed on mobile, regardless of the desktop layout's arrangement.
  • Fix Fixed issue that prevented sections from being moved between pages.
  • Fix Fixed an issues that caused slideshows and footer elements to sometimes overlap with the new "Summit" theme. (Thanks, Nate!)
  • Fix Fixed issue that prevented the "Summit" theme's header background from appearing when restoring page scroll position after page reload.
  • Fix Fixed issue that caused links in link sections to 'jump' to the main nav. (Thanks Jared and Victoria!)
  • Fix Fixed issue that caused admin area to always show site preview in mobile mode on some window sizes. (Thanks, Dean!)
April 17 2024


  • Improvement Changed default image upload behavior to skip duplicate images (Thanks, Cameron!).
  • Improvement Greatly increased the loading speed of large complex pages with multiple sections, some by over 95%.
  • Improvement Added an image counter to galleries to make it easier to tally up image totals.
  • Improvement Added the ability to find and select suspected duplicate images in an image gallery section.
  • Improvement Improved the loading speed of video players.
  • Improvement Improved mobile formatting of collection sections when large "gap" values are used.
  • Improvement Improved handling of large volumes of traffic for each website.
  • Improvement Improved the live website preview's performance when uploading large batches of photos to a section.
  • Fix Fixed an issue that caused video players to be incorrectly formatted in some cases (Thanks, Damien!).
  • Fix Fixed an issue that would cause the page to hang up with the "Summit" theme when the navigation was set to "left-align".
  • Fix Fixed issues that caused images to sometimes be displayed in the wrong order (Thanks, Dustin!).
April 09 2024


  • Improvement Added pinch-to-zoom support to mobile lightboxes (Thanks, Ray!).
  • Improvement Changed language to make it more clear that deleting a section also permanently deletes any images within that section (Thanks, Matt!).
  • Improvement Removed the "Meridian" theme as an option on the initial site creation screen.
  • Improvement Improved rate limiter in admin area, to keep large batch uploads from hitting the limit.
  • Fix Fixed an issue with TLS certificate storage that caused some custom domains to stop working in some cases.
  • Fix Fixed issue that sometimes caused image focal point selections to stop working (Thanks, Ron!).
  • Fix Fixed an issue that prevented some pages from being deleted (Thanks, Matilde!).
April 02 2024


  • Feature New "Summit" theme.
  • Improvement Made it more apparent when the mobile preview is enabled.
  • Improvement Added Bluesky to social media links (Thanks, Victoria!).
  • Improvement Added support for SASS/SCSS in custom code field.
  • Fix Fixed issue that prevented offsite links from working correctly when they're inside drop-down menus (Thanks, Vaughn!).
  • Fix Fixed issue that prevented drag-and-drop functionality from working with latest version of Safari (Thanks, Koji!).
  • Fix Improved confirmation message when updating payment method (Thanks, Merlin!).
  • Fix Fixed issue that prevented live preview from reflecting page sort order changes in some cases.
February 21 2024


  • Feature New "Collection Preview" section
  • Improvement Redesigned page list in admin area sidebar
  • Improvement Improved responsiveness of page list in admin area sidebar
  • Improvement New page creation menu
  • Improvement Added the ability for spacer sections to remove space between adjacent sections.
  • Improvement Added the ability to define thumbnail aspect ratios for "grid" gallery and collection layouts (Thanks, SeĢbastien!).
  • Improvement Added "map" icon to social media links (Thanks, Tony!).
  • Fix Fixed issue with a 404 error being showed sometimes after a page's slug is edited (Thanks, Ioannis!).
February 13 2024


  • Feature Drop-down menus
  • Feature New button section
  • Feature Added the ability to collapse subpages in the admin sidebar, to make managing sites with a large number of pages easier.
  • Improvement Added feedback when dragging-and-dropping pages, to inform of which pages types are allowed to be nested and which aren't.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that prevented the "open in new window" option from working for some links (Thanks, Victoria!).
  • Bugfix Improved mobile formatting for collections when large margins are used on desktop.
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