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Product Roadmap

Check out what's coming, what we're working on, and what's recently been completed. This page provides a peek at major features in the works. For more details about recent releases, see our Updates page.

Adobe Lightroom Plugin


FreeForm Mode

Details to be announced at a later date.

Client Proofing

Send private galleries to clients for review, allow them to make selects, etc.
In Progress

V1 Platform Improvements

Redesigned V1 architecture and migrated platform to a faster, more redundant, and future-proof system.
Shipped May 2024

"Summit" Theme

Shipped Apr 2024

Drop-Down Menus

Shipped Feb 2024

V1 → V2 Migration Tool

An internal tool to assist people in migrating their sites from V1 to V2.
Shipped Oct 2023

"Strata" Theme

Strata is a compact theme, designed for simple websites without a lot of photo content, like events or personal sites.
Shipped Aug 2023

Admin User Interface Overhaul

Redesigned the user interface to improve the overall experience, as well as provide many much-needed features.
Shipped Aug 2023

New Image Handling System

Improved image manipulation and delivery system, providing access to more advanced image transformations and compression methods.
Shipped Jun 2023

Local Section Style Overrides

Make changes to individual sections, without affecting other parts of your site.
Shipped Apr 2023

Image & Text Spread Sections

Display images and text side-by-side, rather than in separate sections.
Shipped Jan 2023

Image Gallery Sorting Options

Easily shuffle and sort images into different orders.
Shipped Dec 2022

Collage Image Gallery Layout

Shipped Aug 2022


Introduced automatically-created sitemaps to assist with SEO.
Shipped June 2022

'Links' Content Sections

Links sections make it easy to create collections of offset websites, like for a "clients" listing, or a social media bio page.
Shipped Jun 2022

V2 System

V2 introduces a brand new system built from the ground up.
Shipped May 2022