July 21 2022


  • Compliance Added optional cookies consent notice.
  • Misc Blocked internet bots/scrapers.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that sometimes affected loading animations of slideshows in Safari.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that sometimes prevented images from properly loading in Safari.
  • Bugfix Fixed sidebar sizing in Firefox.
July 14 2022


  • Galleries Added support for HTML tags in image captions.
  • Galleries Improved slideshow performance.
  • Galleries Moved slideshow image captions below images.
  • Galleries Improved slideshow sizing on mobile devices.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that would sometimes cause the Mesa theme to load incorrectly on mobile devices.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that caused slideshows to appear too small in landscape mode on mobile devices.
  • Canyon Theme Added footer to mobile layouts.
  • Image Popups Improved caption positioning.
June 30 2022


  • Galleries New "collage" image gallery layout.
  • Galleries Changed "filmstrip" layout to scroll vertically on mobile devices.
  • Galleries Added option to disable mouse click navigation on "takeover" image galleries.
  • Email Forms Added default email form values for address and subject.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with inverted colors on takeover galleries.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that prevented custom footer alignment with the "Mesa" theme.
  • Tech Updated remaining code to latest Javascript ES6 standards.
June 20 2022


  • SEO Automatically-generated sitemaps added.
  • Galleries Improved slideshow loading
  • Benefits New affiliates program
  • Support Improved formatting of knowledge base articles.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with editing email form.
  • Bugfix Request URLs are now respected when forwarding to www subdomain.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that caused custom code to not be immediately reflected in site preview.
June 10 2022

New "Links" Feature


The new sections make it easy to create social media "bio" pages, a la linktr.ee or linkin.bio.

Mini websites have gained popularity due to their ability to provide a single "hub" for all of someone's links around the internet. And, because many social networks only allow a profile to have one linked URL, the need for these types of "hub" pages is obvious.

Often-times people will use these mini sites to link to their portfolio, third-party articles they've been featured in, affiliate links, social media profiles, print shops, among other things.

And now, with 22Slides, you can create your own social media bio page. More info on exactly how to do it can be found in our 'help' section.

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