July 17 2023


  • Improvement Added support for SVG image uploads.
  • Improvement Rolled out new image handler for V1 websites.
  • Improvement Improved lightbox blur effect while image is loading
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that caused some images with nonstandard file names from working (Thanks, Christina!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with graceful next-gen image formatting with some older versions of Safari (Thanks, Bart!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with mobile footer alignment in some instances (Thanks, Daniel!).
June 26 2023

New Image Handling System


We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new image handling system! The new setup is a leap forward in our continuous effort to provide the best-possible platform for photographers.

Historically, we've partnered with some great third parties to handle our image processing and delivery. But, while placing an almost obsessive emphasis on image quality, it became apparent that bringing this functionality in-house would be the best way to provide the standard of quality and features that are important to our clients.

Improved reliability

We've built our delivery system on the back of Amazon's AWS services, which runs much of the modern-day internet and is unrivaled in the realm of reliability.

Faster download speeds

Having more control over exactly how images are handled means we can utilize cutting edge compression tech to find more preferable compromises between image quality and speed.

Even better-quality images

Bringing things in-house means being able to free up resources to spend on things that improve the value of our service, like faster servers, higher image quality, and more performant/expensive file encoding.

More flexibility

The new system provides an extremely flexible platform that will allow us to introduce many new features in the future!

The new image handling system is already in use by all V2 websites. We'll be rolling it out to all V1 websites soon.

June 21 2023


  • Improvement Smoother drag-and-drop functionality in the admin area.
  • Improvement Much-better Firefox support with drag-and-drop and text editing.
  • Improvement Improved support for nonstandard filenames.
  • Improvement Added client-side image scaling for uploads, to effectively provide unlimited image size constraints.
  • Improvement Improved first-time image load latency.
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue with extremely large PNG files not showing up (Thanks Ruzaini!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with image moderation not working in some cases.
June 09 2023


  • Improvement Introduced a completely new image handling and delivery system.
  • Mobile Added dynamic header hiding to Mesa theme on mobile devices (Thanks, Scott!).
  • Email Form Made changes to email titles to avoid emails from different senders being combined into single threads by email apps (Thanks, Tony!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with og:url tag when a subdomain is used.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that caused logo to be cut off on mobile when using the "Meridian" theme in some cases (Thanks, Toby!)
April 16 2023


  • Bugfix Fixed issue with breadcrumbs wrapping on mobile (Thanks, Victoria!).
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused some images to load slowly (Thanks, Nate!).
  • Bugfix Fixed issue that would cause erroneous message to show up in place of hidden sections in some cases (Thanks, Kevin!).
  • Bugfix Fixed formatting issue with color picker (Thanks, Cameron!).
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