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March 23 2023


  • Feature Added the ability to hide sections on a page, without deleting them.
  • Feature Added the ability to move sections between pages.
  • Improvement Added labels to section toolbar, to make things easier to identify.
  • Improvement Improved image spacing in lightboxes on landscape-oriented mobile devices (Thanks, Hunter!).
  • Marketing Added testimonials to home page.
  • Improvement Replaced some older custom code for videos, removing some problematic third-party dependencies, and updated all affected websites.
  • Bugfix Placeholder text now no longer sometimes shows up in link previews (Thanks, Damien!).
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused some contact forms to stop working (Thanks, Philip!).
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue that prevented full-justification form working on text sections in Safari (Thanks, Armin!).